Welcome to Colorado Big Game Club

For as long as I can remember, Colorado represented the hunting capital of the west. Golden aspen valleys with the echoing call of a big bull in rut fuels our imagination. We will spend endless hours fine tuning our craft for that one moment; a “moment” that will be etched into our memory for the rest of our lives. Many times words will fall short of explaining the “why” behind our drive to hunt. Our internal instincts are the fire that push us into regions of Colorado few venture. There are no trails with mile markers, nor are there signs showing us the way out, only the drive to see what’s beyond the horizon.

We are at our best when challenged by Mother Nature. Not just physically or mentally, but as humans. Time is taken from our own hunts to lend a helping hand. Conversations are struck with complete strangers with an ease that escapes us in our daily lives. Hunting represents a source of freedom, an overwhelming sense of emotions, and a level of simplicity that is not found in day to day life.

Every animal I have been lucky enough to harvest has represented a story. A story that is as clear to me now as it was when the script was being written. Hunting is not just the death of animal; it encompasses the entire journey, beginning with the initial hunting plan to the food that fills the dinner plate. In a world of processed foods, we should celebrate the few who still can support themselves from the land. It’s how we as a society began, and for a select few it’s still a way of life.

We are Colorado Big Game Club, and we are Colorado. As we put our story together, we have one simple goal; “preserve and protect Colorado’s hunting heritage.” There will always be challenges facing hunting and it will only become more difficult as the disconnection between society and the outdoors grows. Through film and the documentation of our experiences we aim to help educate others on just how important hunting is for the state of Colorado. As we grow, you will find us volunteering and working with the youth to encourage them with their first steps into the hunting world.


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